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  • The minimum age for renting a car ranges between the different companies but in general it is between 21-25.

  • By Spanish law anyone from another country who has a valid driving licence is permitted to drive in Spain as long as it is written in the Roman alphabet. If it is written in a different alphabet, Arabic for example, then an international driving permit must be obtained in English in case proof is required.

  • Always have your driving licence on you for identification as police can demand it at any time. If you are driving your own car you must have the carís registration and insurance documents.

  • The Spanish drive on the right-hand side of the road and have strict speeding laws. If you are caught speeding you will be likely to pay a spot fine.

  • Spanish police are not tolerant when it comes to drinking and driving, allowing only 0.5 mg of alcohol in the blood, and for those who have only recently passed their test, the limit of 0.1mg effectively means that they cannot drink at all before driving.

  • Also remember that the Spanish use the metric system and therefore the road signs and rented car speedometers will be in km/h rather than mph.

  • The highway tolls are expensive.
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