• The Spanish are family-orientated and enjoy many diverse ways of entertaining themselves.

  • Food is of great importance. Breakfast consists of coffee and the popular 'churros', similar to pancakes, dipped in chocolate or sugar.

  • Paella, the national dish, is a favourite Sunday lunch which extends well into early evening. Paella is cooked and served in big shallow burnished metal pans. It is the most delicious rice dish containing chicken, prawns, squid, mussels, onions, tomatoes, saffron and paprika. Do not leave Spain without consuming at least one paella!

  • Tapas bars are a Spanish institution, consisting of many small meals to be shared amongst family and friends. These bars are open day and night and are found in every town and village in Spain.

  • Spanish wines and sangria are delicious, but donít be fooled into thinking sangria is an innocuous fruit juice as it certainly packs a punch!

  • Coffee is one of Spain's favourite beverages and is drunk in great quantities. Did you know that some of the best coffee in Europe is found within the Spanish borders?

  • Like most European countries, it is generally thought that you should leave a tip of between 10%Ė15% after each meal.
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