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A Guide to Madrid

The capital of Spain and located in the heartland of the country the city of Madrid is the arguably the best city in Spain to visit. The residents of Barcelona may disagree with this though due to the long term rivalry between Spains two most prominent cities. Madrid became the capital after the monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand put an end to the wandering monarchy.

During this time it was custom for the royal family to travel the country visiting each place in turn with no capital but Isabella and Ferdinand decided that a capital was needed so that the people could meet them and as Madrid was the most powerful it was chosen as the capital. As the capital Madrid is home to the Spanish government, Parliament as well as the The Spanish Royal Family and is the home of the Spains most prominent industrial are.

There are many sites to see in the city including the fantastic castle built by the Arabs in the 9th Century whose remains are still on display. There are many beautiful streets filled with ornaments and decoration and the stunning Palacio Real which was the home to the royal family when they were in the city. Whereas Barcelona is next to the Mediterranean Sea, Madrid is in the centre of the Castillian plain amid stunning scenery of beautiful mountains forests and rivers.

It is ideal for those who enjoy taking long walks and hiking. While in the city you must try and take in a soccer match at the Santiago Bernabeau home to the world famous Real Madrid who are famous for their buying of the best players of the world earning them the title of the Galacticos. Some of the most famous players to have played at the club are Ronaldo, David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane. The team plays entertaining and riveting football to keep even a person new to the game hooked until the final whistle.

Madrid competes with Barcelona for the best night life each siding with their own city, but Madrid does have fantastic restaurants serving delicious regional cuisines and bars and clubs which party late into the night. Madrid is the city to visit in Spain and is only matched in its beauty and friendly atmosphere but its Catalan rival.
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