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A Guide to Valencia

One of Spain’s most famous cities after Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is a city which is steeped in history. The town has made many claims over the years including claiming that the city is the place where the chalice used by Christ at The Last Supper resides. It is also meant to be the home of Spains most beloved warrior El Cid who was allegedly responsible for originally fighting off the Moors and expelling them from the country.

There are examples of stunning architecture such as the Reina Sofia Opera House and the Palau de la Musica and if you are fortunate you may be able catch a performance. It is in the beautiful 15th Century Gothic Cathedral that the Holy Grail is meant to be. The city also contains one of the best soccer teams in the country and is also highly regarded in Europe regularly challenging for honours each season and plays free flowing exciting football that would keep even a first time watcher entertained to the very end.

There are many fantastic restaurants and bars in the area each of which serve delicious regional cuisine from the local area and the bars and clubs are open late into the night for all those who enjoy to party. The surrounding area matches the splendour of the city and is perfect for taking long walks and experiencing the wonderful Spanish countryside. The city is famous world wide and one of the cities that must be visited when visiting the country.
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