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A Guide to Seville

During the original exploration and colonisation of the Americas it was Seville that was the port from which people travelled and to which all the wealth that was accumulated in the Americas was meant to come in. The city is one of the centres of the Moorish influence on the area as well as many other influences from the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, and the Romans and has been home to many famous figures from history including two of the Roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian were both born in the city and the city was also home to the legendary Don Jaun.

Christopher Columbus launched his expedition which found the Americas from the nearby port of Jaen. The month of April is a fantastic time to come to visit the city during the city’s Feria de Abril which is a week of singing and dancing with vibrant colours and when the entire town gets involved. Seville is the perfect place to spend a few days soaking up the ambience of the town and live like the locals and catch up on the delicious food and drink as well as leisurely exploring the city.
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