France Nord Pas de Calais 

A Guide to Lille

Situated in the north of France the city is a perfect distance from many of the biggest city in Europe. It is just 38 minutes from Brussels the home of the European Union. It is also just 1hour from Paris and 1h and 40 minutes from London.

The city houses many museums such as the Palais des Beaux-Arts (the biggest museum in France after the Louvre), the Maison Natale Charles de Gaulle (Lille is his birthplace) and the Museum of the Hospice Comtesse Not only does it have a colourful heritage Lille has very colourful architecture similar to that of the Dutch due to the Flemish influence of the area. The buildings have narrow ornamented facades, which cane be seen especially seen in the Vieille Bourse.

There are also many French classical style houses in the city, which stand next to the many grand former factories such as the Maisons Folie or the grand Boulevards, which have been converted into cultural and meeting centres. There are fantastic markets in the city, which are perfect for sampling the native delights of the area. The town is also set amid beautiful scenery and perfect for sampling the Northern French countryside.
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