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Paris is famous for its art, history and culture and has approximately 130 museums, as well as many other cultural sites such as historical monuments and opera houses. It has always been one of the most forward thinking cities in the world setting many trends throughout the world. Paris is always vibrant and alive and has something for everyone including its fantastic cafes and many gardens and parks for people to sit in and soak up the Parisian atmosphere.

Travelling throughout the city is also made easy due to Paris well run Metro system as well as many taxis waiting to take you to your destination and over a thousand buses covering 59 routes to ensure fast and easy travel throughout the city. From the autumn of 2006, a “green” and noiseless tram, which merges speed and comfort, will cover the boulevards encircling the city. The hotels in Paris are second to none and there are approximately 1 500 in the city.

There are hotels to suit every price range whether looking for a cheap hotel or hostel while back packing or looking for an expensive suite for a romantic getaway trip. Paris is one of the hotbeds of tourism not only due to its stunning sites and architecture such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe.

However Paris is also a tourist attraction known for those who love the latest fashions. Paris competes with Milan and its Golden Fashion Quarter for the title of the fashion capital of the world. Paris competes with any of the major cities in terms of a rich and full history.

Learn how to save money on your trip to Paris with our guide to Paris' Free Attractions.

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Paris - Valentines Cliche or Perfectly Romantic?
by Cindy (04 February 2011)
Paris has long been associated with romance, and even called the City of Love. But with other destinations such as Venice and Florence trying to steal the title, just how original is a weekend break in Paris for Valentines Day?

Traditional sites such as the Eiffel tower, Louvre and Notre Dame are best avoided on weekends, especially peak weekends like Valentines Weekend. There is still romance to be found though despite the crowds - swop the museums for chilly-but-secluded gardens such as the Luxembourg Gardens, or tiny Parisian bistros in the Latin Quarter.

Hotel-wise, any stay along the much-loved Champ Elysee is bound to cost a fair buck, however a smaller B&B in Montmarte or just outside of Paris will provide you with a smaller hotel, more privacy and a lower price.

Paris - J'taime!


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