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A Guide to Sardinia

The beautiful island of Sardinia is situated in the centre of the western Mediterranean Sea. The island is mainly mountainous, and there are four large gulfs along the coastline: the Gulf of Cagliari, Oristano, Orosei and Asinara.
Sardinia’s climate is great for year round holidays as it is not too cold in winter and fairly hot in summer.

Sardinia has a diverse environment with stunning panoramic views on offer: mountains and massifs rise in the inner part, along with plateaus and tablelands, in contrast to the Campidano plain that stretches out to the south.

The coastline has a wealth of caves and bays to explore, characterized by extraordinary rocky formations that open up in front of the visitors' eyes. Sights not to be missed include the Bue Marino, the Neptune Caves and the natural parks of Gennargentu, Sette Fratelli, Monte Arcosu and the Tavolara Marine Preserve.
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