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A Guide to Florence

Florence is the regional capital of Tuscany and is a buzzing city which is often considered as the most beautiful city in Italy. It is busy with magnificent architectural achievements, works of art and was once the home of many house hold names. It is situated on the river Arno which is crossed by the famous Ponte Vecchio, the only Florentine bridge to not be destroyed in World War Two.

Brunelleschi’s revolutionary dome on the marble Duomo is the central landmark of Florence, and its splendor is complimented by the surrounding works of art including Michelangelo’s David found in the Academia and numerous fantastic works of art found in the worlds oldest art gallery, the Uffizi where works by Botticelli, Leonardo Da’Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo can be found. The Palazzo Pitti hosts another wealth of art with a grand collection of Titians and Raphaels. If you are in search of sculpture the Bargello houses a splendid collection where you can find works by Donatello and Michelangelo.

The numerous churches around the city all have their fair share of works of art with Santa Maria Novella, San Lorenzo, Santa Croce, Santa Spirito and Santa Maria del Carmine offering some of the richest collections and examples of both gothic and renaissance architecture. However amongst the feast of cultural sites Florence has peaceful gardens such as the Boboli gardens and relaxing walks that can be taken around the edge of the city allowing one to appreciate stunning views over the city at sunset.

There are numerous boutiques with the highest Italian fashions to be found, as well as colorful markets. During the summer months, evenings in Florence are lively with music and theatre as various festivals take place.

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