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A Guide to Lombardy

Lombardy is the most highly developed region of Italy. It is incredibly wealthy, modern and densely populated.
Because of the ‘economic miracle’ of the 1960’s, Lombardy became Italy’s leader in commerce and economics, and has secured a commanding role in the economic growth of the country.
Lombardy has achieved great economic wealth even though it is one of the few land-locked regions on the peninsula.
The district is also abundant with sites of great historical interest and geographical marvels for the tourist to admire.
Since the fall of the Roman Empire, Lombardy has been one of the most important routes across Europe. Large areas of natural beauty and sights of great artistic significance can be found in the region.

There are numerous treasures to see, from the imposing, elegant capital, Milan - home of designer fashion and the Scala Opera House - to the exquisite cities of Brescia, Bergamo, and Cremona; from its lakes to the rivers which run through its valleys, to its towering, dazzling snow-topped mountains.
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