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Flying in and out of Milan:

  • Fly into Milan - The metropolis all about worldly pleasures! Make sure you see the breathtaking Duomo, which is one of the world's largest and most striking cathedrals. A visit to the Church and Convent of Santa Maris delle Graziea is well worth the visit too. It is the home of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" - il Cencolo. Reservations to see the "Last Supper" can be sold out months in advance, so be sure to reserve your tickets.

  • After Milan you can make your way across to the enchanting Venice, where you can take the vaporetto (public water bus) to any location in Venice, or you can take a romantic gondola ride. Things to see in Venice include the mightiest of Venetian monuments - the Basilica of San Marco (St. Mark's Square) and Doge's Palace, the city's most famous building. Be sure also to leave enough time to loose yourself in the maze of canals and tiny little lanes.

  • From Venice catch a train down to Florence. Don't miss the Uffizi Gallery - which is one of the most famous museums of paintings and sculpture in the world - or the Academia Gallery where Michelangelo's David is housed. Also try set some time aside to see the Duomo and the graceful span of Ponte Vecchio and so much more. Leave yourself at least two days for Florence. To avoid queuing make sure that you book any museums you wish to visit in advance - www.tickitaly.com. You can then hire a car to enable you to explore the elegance and charm of Tuscany.

  • You can then make you way down to Rome. You will need at least three days to see the sights and wonders that is the eternal city, Rome (St Peters, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, etc...).

  • From Rome you can then take a train to Pisa. The main place to go in Pisa is Campo dei Miracoli - 'field of miracles' - which is one of the most famous and admired squares in the world and is home to the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral (Duomo) and the Baptistery, which is the largest of its kind in Italy.

  • You can then catch the train up to Milan, where you would fly home.

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