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The best place for free music is in the Jardin, the main plaza, during evenings and on weekends. Mariachi bands stroll under the trees and sometimes a band will set up in the gazebo at the center of the plaza.

Regular restaurant music venues:

La Fragua, Live music Thursday through Saturday.
Cuna de Allende # 3; 152-1144

Mama Mia, Seven nights a week, you can hear Flamenco, Andean, salsa, classical guitar or jazz.
Umaran #8; 152-2063 or 152-3679

Tio Lucas, Jazz every night and Saturday afternoons.
Mesones #103; 152-4996

Concert Series:

Festival de Musica de Camara, A two-week festival of chamber music in late July.
Bellas Artes, Hernandez Macias #75; 154-5141

Festival Internacional de Guitarra, San Miguel is filled with the sounds of guitars during this series of concerts, workshops and lectures in mid-summer.
Tel: 154-5095

Festival Internacional de Jazz, During late November, jazz musicians and fans come from across Mexico and the world for the concerts and workshops.
Tel: 152-2200

Festival International Cervantino, though this major cultural event is based mainly in the nearby city of Guanajuato, many of the productions and concerts come to San Miguel for repeat performances. Festival takes place over three weeks in October.

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