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Nayarit is found on the Western coast of Mexico looking over the Pacific. It is still very influenced by the Spanish way of thinking and produces wonderful brightly coloured pottery and other crafts. There are many attractions in the area scattered amongst the many towns. The buildings in the region are stunning and are perfect examples of the Colonial architecture.

There are also many museums to learn about the culture and the history of the region as well as numerous parks and nature reserves, which are perfect for hiking, long walks and camping. One of these reserves is the Meritas Islands, which serve to house and keep safe hump back whales. This is a beautiful spot to go whale watching as well as many other activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

Also there are numerous sailing and fishing tournaments such as the Banderas Bay International Regatta, which are fantastic to watch. There are also some stunning beaches in the area, which again host fantastic facilities for all sorts of water sports, like swimming, skiing, surfing and many others.

The food in the area is fantastic filled with the regional cuisine of the area and has fantastic seafood. There are also numerous reasonably priced hotels in the area scattered between the nearby towns.
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