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A Guide to La Paz

La Paz is the capital of Baja California. It is 220 km from Cabo San Lucas and 1, 464 km from Tijuana. The population of La Paz has increased six and a half times between 1985 and 2004. However this does not detract from the fact that it is a quaint cultured Mexican town. Like most towns in Mexico the beaches are second to none and much like the other towns in Baja it is very ecological.

The beaches have a wide range of activities for people to take part in. The activities include diving, sailing, windsurfing as well as Kayaking to work off the pounds put on by those large holiday meals. For those who need a bit of thrill and excitement there is excellent off-roading around the area.

La Paz is also part of Score International Baja 1000 held each year and is thought to be the toughest off road race in the world. The public transport is regarded by those who live in La Paz as an inexpensive method of travelling around town and there are many buses in and out of town to other places like Cabo San Lucas and Tijuana, which are also very reasonable in price and frequent.

In terms of shopping La Paz has the largest shopping district on the peninsula other than Tijuana and is easily accessible through the public transport or if you fancy a nice stroll through the town and sample the quality of Mexican products. La Paz’s night life is again not necessarily up to the standard of Acapulco but is certainly vibrant and youthful with many bars and clubs for people to enjoy playing every type of music for everybody’s needs from Latin Rock to Jazz to calm romantic music to dance through the night.

In preparation for your night out there are many restaurants ready to serve whatever takes your fancy with superb Mexican food, or many other foreign cuisines from French to Japanese to many Vegetarian meals.
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