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A Guide to Las Vegas

Found in the state of Nevada the city of Las Vegas is famous throughout the world mostly due to its enormous casinos and has a reputation as a good time city. The climate is hot throughout most of the year only cooling down during December and January. The main attraction to Las Vegas is its casinos as they combine the hotels restaurants and casinos. This occasionally results in people spending all their time in the casinos though if you go out into the main city you will find many other attractions in the city. For all sports fans there are many ways of enjoying the sport on offer whether it is watching minor league baseball, basketball and soccer or playing golf at one of the many courses around the city.

The city also has fantastic attractions throughout the city including the enormous shopping malls which will keep even the most ardent shopper busy for the day. There are a number of museums in the city which are a good way of learning about the history of the city and the state of Nevada. If you get tired of the bright lights of Vegas you can always go for a trip outside the city as not far from the city there are notable landmarks which are of interest to visit including the Hoover dam and in the next county of Arizona is the Grand Canyon which is always worth a visit. There are many organised tours from Vegas to the major landmarks in the area. There are also many adventure tours available including quad biking and bunji jumping in the desert as well as many others.

There are plenty of attractions for the children as well as with many adventure theme parks with roller coasters and other attractions. There are also calmer attractions to visit like the aquariums, zoos and the must visit Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour and Cactus Garden. There are fantastic art galleries to visit including the Bellagio which houses some of the finest and most famous fine art collections. Another must visit is the world famous bodies exhibit which has toured throughout the world and an incredible and yet disturbing insight into the world of the interior of the human body.

The nightlife in Vegas is second to none in the country and there are many restaurants and bars on offer throughout the city or obviously you can visit one of the many casinos for a fun night out. There are a huge number of restaurants in the city which have on offer any type of cuisines from around the world. The nightclubs go throughout the night and challenge even the most ardent party goer.
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