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Shoes and Clothes
 Era, assortment of young, hip accessories.
Zacateros #39; 151-8030.

Diva, designer boutique with a chic line of clothes and accessories.
Hernández Macías #72; 152-4980.

Girasol, flowing jackets, skirts and pants often seen on ex-pat women here.
San Francisco #11; 152-2734.
La Coleccion Judith Roberts, clever hat, purse and clothing designs.
Zacateros #28; 152-3070.

La Victoriana, fine linen and cotton nightwear, hand-crocheted infantwear, bath products.
Hernandez Macias # 72-1;152-6903

Lino Y Mas, clever accessory and scarf designs, linen clothing.
Cuna de Allende #3; 152-0958.

Seventh Heaven, mix of bright, comfortable clothes and fun accessories.
Sollano #13, 154-4677.

San Miguel Shoe Company, local designer who offers shoes both flattering to the feet and firm of sole for the cobblestones of San Miguel. Four locations.
Reloj #27 and #91, Hidalgo #23 and Mesones # 48; 154-4702.

Vilar, good selection of women’s boots, flats and sandals made in Leon and Guadalajara.
Recreo 5 or Sollano 6; 152-2658; 152-3130.

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