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 San Miguel de Allende is a comfortable and gracious place to learn or practice Spanish, if you’re staying a week or more. Choose from numerous language institutes, many of which offer intensive immersion and private tutors as well as casual conversation classes.
Instituto Allende, The Instituto, established in the 1940s, has a sterling reputation and occupies one of the most beautiful buildings in town—the one time summer estate of a Count in San Miguel. Classes are limited to 12 students, and are offered in four-week blocks through out the year. Private, intensive classes are also available for instruction from one to six hours per day.
Ancha de San Antonio #22; 152-0190

Academia Hispano-Americana, The oldest Spanish Language School in town, the Academia is accredited by the Mexican Department of Education. Courses are offered in four-week blocks throughout the year. Morning classes focus on language and conversation, afternoon classes generally pertain to Spanish culture and literature.
Mesones #4; 152-0349 or 152-4349

Instituto Habla Hispana, During each one month term, students will receive 80 hours of intensive Spanish instruction along with seminars, cooking classes and guided tours of the city. Curriculum is offered for students at three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The maximum number of students in each class is 10.
Calzada de la Luz #25; 152-1535
The Warren Hardy School,  At this well-known San Miguel institution, classes meet three days a week from 9 till 12. Students work with a partner of matched skill level in timed exercises that help them build their grammar and conversational skills. Courses are offered in 2 1/2 week blocks. Home study materials are also available.
San Rafael #6; 154-4017 (mornings) or 152-4728 (afternoons)

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