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A Guide to Zacatecas

Located in the north central area of Mexico it is 378 miles north west of Mexico City and has an average temperature of 16°C. Like Queretaro, it has been declared and national heritage site by UNESCO. It has been thought of as one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico with its pink limestone buildings and stunning Cathedral built in the Baroque style.

There are many civic and religious buildings throughout the town between the unique narrow alleyways and plazas. From the nearby hills there is a cable car service, which enables you to look all over the city’s sites. There is also a train service, which travels through the old mines for which the city was well known for. The surrounding area is a perfect place for long walks and treks in the hills surrounding the town.

There is the archaeological area of La Quemada, which is one of the most important of the region. Zacatecas is a destination of many attractions and is a perfect area for a holiday.
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