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A Guide to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is located along Banderas Bay. It is approximately 219 miles for Guadalajara and is the foothills of the sierra Madre mountain range. The scenery around the area is stunning with many forests, waterfalls and rivers within a stones throw of the town.

The average temperature is a warm 27°C. There are many beaches around the town with golden sands and crystalline rock formations with stunning blue seas. These offer fantastic attractions like those found in other towns with diving a particularly impressive. There is a marina where sailboats can be hired for relatively inexpensive prices.

The ton also offers many wonderful golf courses, which are fantastic and rival some of the best in Mexico. One of the favourite activities in Puerto Vallarta is the sport fishing and this has led to the International Sailfish Fishing Tournament taking place each November in the town. However if this is not your idea of fun then there are some fantastic shops around the town especially in downtown.

Here there are many cultural shops where you can purchase many of the local paintings and artworks of the town. These are also put on display in the galleries that can be found in the downtown area.

The town is alive all year round and has been the location for any films an so has had many tourists coming to see the film sets though so much happens all year round that Puerto Vallarta would be a perfect top off on any trip t Mexico.
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