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A Guide to Guadalajara

Located 331 miles north east of Mexico City it is the second most populated city in Mexico. It is the state capital of Jalisco. It houses some of the most important cultural symbols in the country including the mariachi and the Mexican Rodeos. Around the city and buildings there are many art works by the famous artist Jose Clemente Orozco. One of the city’s main attractions is the Cathedral famous for its wonderful towers.

Behind the Cathedral is the Degollado Theatre a 19th Century building and is one of the main cultural attractions in the area. Nearby Guadalajara there is the small town of Tonala, which holds one of the finest pottery collections in Mexico. There are many parks around the city, which are perfect for eco tourists and campers, and many other outdoor activities.

Lake Chapla is a fantastic spot for many outdoor activities like Water skiing, and swimming and many others. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the area is obviously the nearby town of Tequila, which produces the hugely popular drink of the same name.

The night life in Guadalajara is hugely popular, with many bars and restaurants with which to choose from open well into the night with a range of traditional Mariachi music to modern Mexican and foreign music. Also while in Guadalajara you must try the traditional torta ahogada, which is a pork roll, filled with hot and spicy Mexican sauce.
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