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A Guide to Mazatlan

Maztalan is known throughout the peninsula as one of the most important ports in Baja. Te average temperature in the town is about 25°C throughout the year. The town is split in two culturally, as here are many traditional buildings mixed with the newer hotels that have emerged. There are many beaches in the city, which add to its splendour, and these are perfect for many of the activities taken part in all over Mexico.

This is especially fly-fishing. The fly-fishing in Maztalan is second to none and hosts Bisbees Billfish classic one of the premier fly-fishing tournaments on the circuit. Like many of the towns in Mexico Maztalan again is extremely popular for ecotourism with a nature reserve being nearby, though here there is also the option for those who enjoy a bit of thrill seeking with fantastic rock climbs.

There are also fantastic golf courses around the town with wondrous views of the Pacific. The golf is so highly regarded that it hosts the Jesus Arnoldo Millan International Golf Tournament. In addition to this they also host the Grand International Tennis Tournament. There are many other activities to take part in especially on the beautiful beaches such as skiing, surfing, jet skiing.

There are many opportunities to sample the Maztalan culture with the Maztalan culture Festival and the Sinaloa Arts Festival. And for all those who love to party there is the Maztalan carnival in February lasting well into the night and adds to the already vibrant nightlife in the town.
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