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Mexican Greetings:
  • Social Customs: When greeting someone in Mexico, it is common to shake hands with men and women that you have just met; women might also greet men or women with a kiss on the cheek.

  • Social life is a key aspect of Mexico City life. Mexicans are social by nature and the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs reflect that.

  • Even though the person you are speaking to appears to understand English or German or Italian, keep in mind that they are also learning and will quite often not really understand what you are saying even though they say they do. This leads to confusion and the belief that the person is dumb. This is not true and the person may be trying very hard to help you and there is simply a language barrier.

  • Mexicans regard relationships and friendships as the most important thing in life next to religion and they are not afraid to show their emotions.

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