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A Guide to Madonna di Campiglio

Masonna di Campiglio is a ski lover’s haven, it is the ideal destination for winter sports, as the resort comprises of over 1550 kilometres of slopes of every level of difficulty up to 2600 meters in height and 57 ski lifts.Madonna di Campiglio is also known as a preferred city for socialites. It offers spectacular scenery where tranquillity reigns supreme among lakes and streams, which are very popular with mountain bikes.

There are a great many expeditions to be followed on foot, through enchanting places such as Malga Montagnoli, Passo Campo Carlo Magno, Passo Campo Carlo Magno da Malè, Passo Campo Carlo Magno da Pinzolo, Patascoss and Ritorto (Palun), Zeledria-Viviani, Giro di Vallesinella, Strada Vecchia da pinzolo, Monte Spinale-Passo Grosté.
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