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A Guide to Bolzano

Bolzano is situated in the heart of the Dolomite part of Alto Adige at the meeting of the Talvera torrent and the Inarco river, along the axes of the Brennero. From Bolzano you can reach all the spectacular places to visit in the Alto Adige. The traveller will be struck by the vast expanses of greenery which surround Bolzano; the immense vineyards, the Talvera Park and the woods. The Rose Garden is definitely worth a visit, as during some parts of the day an enchanting beautiful pink light can be found.

Sights to se are the Civic Museum, the Museum of the School, the Museion, the Archaeological Museum of Alto Adige, the Natural Science Museum, the Palazzo and Merchant Museum.

Another popular destination is the markets held in the various areas of the town, these include a second hand goods market and the Christmas Market. The profilic vineyards of Bolzano produce many famous wines including Lagrein and Bolzano/Gries.Gastronomes will love traditional delicacies including 'Weinsuppe', 'Grost', 'Schlutzkrapfen', 'Omelette' and 'Kaiserschmarn'
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