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Sicily is at the heart of the Mediterranean and indeed some of the greatest civilizations of all time have passed through Sicily, leaving behind a rich collection of treasures. However alongside this exotic wealth of cultural surprises, the natural beauty of Sicily is divine: the splendid coastline and the dramatic presence of Mount Etna adding significantly to the beauty. Although only 3 kilometers away from mainland Italy, it has a very different feel to it. The Arab influence for instance, along with the cuisine that explore different flavors to those that are considered typically Italian. The island even has its own language, defining the identity of its citizens. Sicily was once where some of the most beautiful Hellenic cities were built, including Agrigento, Selinunte, Segesta, and Syracuse.

Today Sicily offers opportunities to get a taster for the ancient past of the splendid island by watching a Greek play in the large Greek Theatre of Syracuse, or by exploring the Valley of Temples at Agrigento which were individually dedicated to the Greek gods. The energetic city of Palermo, the numerous beaches and seaside resorts and the numerous cultural sites gives you a feel for how varied the island of Sicily is
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