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A Guide to Piemonte

Piemonte can be found in the north-west next to France. It is famous for being the home of Fiat cars and where the Savoy family came from, the short-lived monarchs of Italy.

Piemonte is a very mountainous region, covered in snow and ice, with Monte Rosa being its highest peak soaring up to 4,633 metres.

However the region has diverse landscapes, from the Alpine utopia of the Gran Paradiso National Park to the lavish green sloping vineyards where Piemonte’s famous wines are produced. These wines include Barolo, Barbaresco, Asti Spumante and Vermouth. The tributaries from the river Po create intriguing configurations across the region.

The countryside or the “Langhe” of Piemonte has inspired classic films such as “Riso Amaro” and has been acclaimed in great works of modern literature such as Beppe Ferroglio and Cesare Pavese.

Piemonte is also the land of the tranquil haven of the d’Orta and Maggiore lakes which are very popular holiday resorts.

Truffles, cheeses such as Gorgonzola and a variety of biscuits and chocolates are some of Piemonte’s most celebrated creations
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