Italy Amalfi Coast 

A Guide to Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare is a coastal town found on the Amalfi coast and has a wonderful landscape which is overlooked by Mount St Liberatore and Mount Falerio. The town’s position is perfect for excursions into the mountains and Molina, Albori, Raito, Benincasa and Dragonea, make ideal starting points. The town itself however is famous for its ceramics, a prolific production that dates back to Medieval times and is now marked by a brand name.

A number of artists have added to the fine reputation of the Vietri ceramics and these include Irene Kowaliska, Riccardo Dolker, Giovannino Carrano, Vincenzo Rispoli, Salvatore Procida, Guido Ambone and Andrea D’Arienzo. The town has two significant monuments: the Saracen tower and the Church of St Giovanni Battista built in the 1600’s with its majestic dome.
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