Italy Amalfi Coast 

A Guide to Positano

Postiano can be found on the steep slopes of the Latteri Mountains. Being surrounded by the rocky hills and mountains Positano experiences a mild climate. The refreshing waters, that are perfect for bathing, stretch out to the famous islets of Li Galli or the "Sirenuse", Gallo Lungo, Castellucco and the Rotonda. There fame derives from legends about the Sirens, vultures with female heads that supposedly once lived on these islands and lured passing sailors to their fate by their beautiful singing.

Through the winding maze of the town and the surrounding area you can find a range of sites to visit including the prehistoric caves, the Li Galli islands, the Roman Villas and underwater archaeological remains. The town’s reputation is also tied to fashion as the town is filled with colourful boutiques that add to its popularity internationally. ?
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