France Rhone Valley 

A Guide to Lyon

The centre of Lyon is situated on the small peninsula between the two rivers, Saone and Rhone. The city is the second largest town geographically and is expanding all the time. The city’s main source of income was through the metal works and chemicals as well as dominating the silk trade

The city is now the centre of the European Interpol; it has just unveiled its new environmentally friendly tram system. It has embraced the European Union monetarist system and has worked as a very prosperous city within it. The town is also famous for the number of restaurants that it has within its walls each serving delicious culinary delights from the area and the city is a magnet for top quality chefs.

There are many museums in the area, which show Lyons history within the textile trade and every other year the town is involved in a fashion and arts festival. The town is also home to one of best soccer teams in Europe, they have been champions of France for the last six years in a row and are starting to emerge as one of the best teams in Europe and regularly in the latter stages of the Champions League.

Lyon is one of the major cities in France and has been throughout history economically and through sheer size, it is a must visit for anyone coming to the area.
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