France Champagne 

A Guide to Reims

The capital of the region of Champagne, Reims was heavily damaged during the First World War and was rebuilt as an industrial town. The town is not only the capital of the region but also the worldwide capital of Champagne. The town also hosts one of the oldest cathedrals in the world and was the coronation venue of many of the kings of France including Clovis who had his 1500th anniversary in 1996 showing the age of the area and the town.

Near the town are many attractions such as the Abbaye de St-Remi and the Jesuit College. There is also for you car lovers an automobile museum to the east of the town.

There are many cafes and bars in the town perfect for sampling the regional cuisine of the area and also the town has a full and vibrant nightlife going on late into the early hours of the morning for those who like to party.
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