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A Guide to Biarritz

Biarritz for a long time up to the rise of the Cote D’Azur used to be the Monte Carlo of the Atlantic Ocean; this is evident with the Casino Municipal, however since then has been over looked for the more modern and warmer climate of Monaco, St Tropez and Nice. When these resorts sprung up people left Biarritz and its prosperity plummeted. It is however now beginning to recover now as rich Parisians are now seeing the town as the more exclusive area to go.

The town is full of beautiful shores and many stunning beaches forgotten after being deserted after being shunned for the new fashionable attraction of Monaco. Also worth a look is the Musee de la Mer with many exhibitions of fishing and regional birds and Atlantic fish.

Biarritz is the place to visit on the south coast if you enjoy beautiful beaches and having an occasional good time in the Casino and visiting a few historical monuments.
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