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  • When in France you must have your driving licence and paperwork as it can be requested to be seen at any time by the police during your holiday.

  • You must have insurance in order to drive in France. UK car insurance automatically allows third party insurance in France.

  • It is important to know that many of the petrol stations close after six and most are shut on Sundays meaning there are very few 24 hour petrol stations.

  • In France the minimum age to drive is eighteen so you must be careful that there is the difference in ages between the two countries.

  • Do not speed while in France as the fines for doing so are expensive and have to be paid on the spot.

  • Clamping is becoming more frequent in France so paying and displaying is advisable.

  • Also remember that France uses the metric system so the speed limit is measured in kilometres per hour rather than miles per hour.

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